New FDA Study Shows Potential Link Between Yaz Birth Control and Blood Clots

While there has been concern for quite some time over Bayer’s birth control drug Yaz, the recently released FDA study shows an alarmingly high link between Yaz usage and the development of blood clots.  According to the FDA study, women who take Yaz are at a 75% greater risk of developing blood clots than women who use older forms of birth control.

Like other birth control pills, Yaz contains estrogen but combines it with drospirenone, known to increase potassium levels in the bloodstream.

Bayer has already encountered problems with the FDA.  In 2009, the FDA ordered Bayer to change its advertisements because the ads overstated the drug’s ability to prevent acne and premenstrual syndrome.

Numerous Yaz lawsuits have already been filed against Bayer which claim the birth control drug has caused blood clots and strokes in women who’ve used the Yaz birth control pill.

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