How Can a Lawyer Help Me if I Have Received a Personal Injury?

After suffering an injury, you need a personal injury lawyer who can help you deal with the financial consequences. Here are just a few of the ways an experienced personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you may be entitled to:
Calculation of compensation for losses. Throughout the process of recovering from your injury, you may have incurred sizable medical bills, but these aren’t the only costs. For example, if you missed work, you deserve compensation for those lost wages. A personal injury attorney can help you recognize, itemize and seek compensation for all the costs of your injury.Slip and Fall Attorney New Port Richey

Estimation of compensation for future losses. Serious injuries will affect you in the future, not just today. For example, you may require ongoing medical treatment or you may not be able to work full-time any longer. All of these costs must be taken into consideration when you’re asking for financial damages. With this in mind, a personal injury attorney can help you calculate how much compensation you truly deserve.
Investigation of your accident or injury. In order to receive the compensation you deserve, you must establish compelling evidence that your personal injury was indeed caused by someone else’s negligence or carelessness. This can be difficult to prove at times, especially after the fact, but personal injury attorneys can hire investigators to analyze your accident. These investigators will determine its true cause more thoroughly than you would be able to on your own.
Expertise with the legal system. Because of their experience and education, personal injury attorneys know how to deal with the legal system. This experience will work to your advantage, because you’ll have an expert on your side that will make sure all the procedural matters are handled correctly. Hiring a personal injury lawyer will ensure that you don’t miss any vital paperwork.

With offices in Hernando, Pinellas and Pasco Counties, Lucas, Green and Magazine can help you file a personal injury claim. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your accident and your legal options, call our experienced personal injury lawyers today at (727) 849-5353 or visit our “Contact Us” page

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Upcoming Event: Woman’s 360

Please Save The Date!
September 27, 2014 – details below


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[IMPORTANT] Texting and Driving Message | Lucas, Green and Magazine

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Settlements Vs. Court-Ordered Judgements

In a personal injury lawsuit, a plaintiff seeks compensation for injuries and other costs he or she has sustained because of an accident or injury. There are two opportunities when it comes to financial compensation: out-of-court settlement and court-ordered judgment. Read on to learn about each option.Jim Magazine - Top Car Accident Attorney


The majority of personal injury lawsuits are settled before getting to court, through an out-of-court settlement. During pre-trial meetings, the plaintiff and defendant will meet to discuss a reasonable financial award that will compensate for economic damages, which include medical bills and lost wages, as well as non-economic damages, like pain and suffering. The defendant or the defendant’s insurance company will offer a settlement on the condition that the plaintiff forfeits legal rights to further pursue the matter in court. In many cases, a settlement may be somewhat negotiable if plaintiffs can point out other expenses or costs that the defendant neglected to notice. If the two sides can agree on a settlement, a trial is no longer necessary, which saves time and money for both parties.


If the plaintiff does not want to settle out of court or if the offered settlement is insufficient, the next step is a court trial in front of a judge or jury. After both the plaintiff and the defendant have presented their evidence, the judge or jury will decide if the defendant was at fault for the plaintiff’s injury. If the defendant is found to be at fault, the judge or jury will then decide how much financial compensation the plaintiff deserves. The verdict in this trial is final and cannot be negotiated. However, if the plaintiff is awarded damages then a new issue develops: collecting the award from the defendant or his or her insurance company. Some defendants may try to avoid paying what they owe and it’s often up to the plaintiff to see that the funds are collected.

In a personal injury case, choosing between an out-of-court settlement and a trial with possible judgment is difficult and it usually requires the advice of a lawyer. If you live in the Tampa Bay area and need assistance with a personal injury lawsuit, call Lucas, Green and Magazine today at (727) 849-5353.


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Legal News Around The Web | 1 -800- 4- Injury

Car Accident Attorney

For The Week Of July 28, 2014

U.S. federal judge sentences Florida pill mill doctors – Yahoo News
Apr 4, 2014 … From Yahoo News: By Zachary Fagenson MIAMI (Reuters) – A federal judge on Friday sentenced a South Florida doctor to more than six years …

5 Things You Should Bring to a Personal Injury Consultation
You’ve already scheduled a consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer. So what should you do to prepare for your meeting? While you should leave the legal research to your lawyer and his or her staff, there are several things…

When Can You Sue for Pain and Suffering?
When can you sue for “pain and suffering” damages?Damages are an important part of a personal injury case; after all, if there’s no “injury,” then there’s no certainly no personal injury case. But along with damages for economic losses…

How Stuff Works “Top 10 Controversial Court Cases”
Take a look at the top 10 controversial court cases in the U.S.. … ultimate decider in cases that can alter the law and influence society for generations to come.

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Womans 360 | LGM Company News

Download the Flyer -Women’s Save the date with tips 2014

womans 360

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Criminal Law Stories | 727 849 5354 | Lucas, Green and Magazine

Criminal Law Stories From Around The Web – July 24, 2014

Parents, Not Strangers, Account For More Child DUI Deaths
As the law currently stands, driving drunk with a child in the car is considered an aggravating factor under Minnesota law, as is a previous DUI conviction or blowing over a .20 BAC. If you have one aggravating factor, your …

Drug crime sentencing reform finally takes root in the U.S. | click here
The United States may be changing course on long-held drug laws and policies. The policies, which have called for increasingly harsh sentences for drug offenders, have done effectively nothing to…

Will the MH17 Disaster Be Prosecuted as a War Crime? – Law Blog …
If it is shown that the plane was brought down by weapons fire, a strong case could be made that that a war crime occurred, said William Burke-White, deputy dean of the University of Pennsylvania Law School and a former …

Do you [or someone you love] need a criminal law attorney?   Call (727)849-5353 TODAY – or visit our contact us page

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Car Accidents: They Can Be Prevented | Law Offices of Lucas, Green and Magazine

Car Accident Infographic


Have you or a loved one been injured in a automobile accident?  You may be entitled to compensation!  Please call us TODAY to schedule a FREE consultation: (727) 849-5353  or visit our “contact us” page

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Personal Injury Protection – Infographic | Lucas, Green and Magazine

We created this infographic a while back; however, it is great information regarding Personal Injury Protection!

P.S. Rick Kriseman (one of the attorney’s in the banner below) was an attorney with our law firm before he became the Mayor of St. Petersburg!

personal injury protection

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Legal Stories From Around The Web | Law Offices of Lucas, Green and Magazine

Car Accident Attorney

Below are some of the top legal stories from around the web for the week of July 21, 2014


Never a dull moment in the middle east….

Palestinians threaten legal action against Israel – click for the fulll story
Palestinians threaten legal action against IsraelWEARUNITED NATIONS (AP) — The Palestinian U.N. ambassador is threatening to go to U.N. and international courts which would likely include the International Criminal Court if the Security Council doesn’t act to protect Palestinian civilians from Israeli …and more »

Shouldn’t all illegal drug use be a crime – especially when your pregnant? 

First Woman Charged on Controversial Law that Criminalizes Drug Use During … – ABC News -click here for more
ABC News First Woman Charged on Controversial Law that Criminalizes Drug Use During …ABC NewsA Tennessee woman is the first to be charged under a new state law that specifically makes it a crime to take drugs while pregnant, calling it “assault.” Mallory Loyola, 26, was arrested this week after both she and her newborn infant tested positive …and more

President Obama – definitely will stir things up with this…

Obama seeks change to law that protects immigrant kids – USA TODAY-click for the full story
USA TODAY Obama seeks change to law that protects immigrant kids -USA TODAY – Immigration courts are backlogged around the country, leaving children and adults waiting months or years for their cases to be resolved. The 2008 law, which passed both chambers of Congress by unanimous consent and was signed into law by President …and more »

Our Legal System…

Shoplifter Wins $510K for Ankle Injury During NYPD Arrest-click for the full story
A shoplifter who broke his ankle while getting arrested was awarded $510,000 by a jury this week for his injury. Even more noteworthy: This is actually the third time the man, 50-year-old Kevin Jarman, has gotten a payout from…


Now this is interesting….Manuel Noriega Sues Over ‘Call of Duty’ Video-Game Likeness-click here for more
Imprisoned ex-dictator Manuel Noriega is suing the makers of “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” for allegedly harming his reputation and using his name and likeness without permission. The Activision Blizzard Inc. game, which has made more than $1 billion…

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